CCPA defines guidelines and objectives in order to ensure a clear organizational structure and direct reporting lines in these Governance Regulations. The CRO reports to the Risk Committee on all risk management matters. The CCO reports to the Managing Directors and the Supervisory Board on all compliance-relevant issues. Within CCPA,  there is a clear organizational structure with well-segregated, transparent and consistent responsibilities defined, an effective risk management as well as the relevant committees established and their authorities to decide illustrated. Furthermore, internal control mechanisms and measurements of keeping confidentiality and safety exist.

The fundamental bodies of the company are

  • the Management Board,
  • the Supervisory Board and
  • the General Assembly.  

In accordance with EMIR, CCPA has established a Risk Committee, as advisory body of the Supervisory Board as well as the functions Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Risk Officer. Every CCPA Chief Officer was equipped with the necessary powers, resources and expertise in order to fulfill their tasks. In the exercise of their duties, they are independent of their functions at CCPA.