General Information

Where can I obtain general information on Membership?

Information on the membership requirements of CCP Austria may be found in the download area (Documents for New Members). Further questions may be requested by phone at +43 1 533 22 44 - 2887 or by email: Office​(a)​


Which Agreements and contracts must be signed with CCP.A?
  • Clearing Agreement between Clearing Member and CCP.A
  • Clearing Service Agreement between GCM and NCM
  • Declaration regarding the assumption of the function as a Clearing Agent


How does clearing work?
  • Clearing and settlement is carried out by the CCP Austria
  • Trades are settled within a period of t+2
  • Positions within a trading day are netted after the close of trading


Which fees are charged by CCP Austria?

More information on the fees charged by CCP Austria may be found in our Schedule of Fees.


Who is responsible for margin deposits?

The Clearing Members are responsible for the deposit of margins. GCMs are moreover responsible for margin deposit for their NCMs.


How are margin requirements calculated?

Margin requirements are calculated on the basis of the balance of open trades and risk factors using specific risk factors. More information may be found here


When can be terminated? 

A notice of termination (§ 18 GTC) can be handed in at any time in written form without stating reasons. A signature list must be submitted for authorization. The termination will be notified to the Exchange Operating Company immediately.


What is the effect of termination on the Membership of the Vienna Stock Exchange?

Rights and obligations arising from a Clearing Membership shall not come to an end until withdrawal of participation by the Exchange Operating Company.

If the Membership of the Exchange Operating Company has not been terminated, the Clearing Member must become a Non-Clearing Member first, before it can terminate its Clearing Membership.


When is the cancellation effective?

When all open transactions, for which the Clearing Member has to attend, all obligations plus those arising out of his Exchange Membership including taxes and fees, have been fulfilled.


When does the obligation to contribute to the default fund cease and when will the contributions be repaid?

The obligation to contribute shall expire one month after the termination of the clearing participation or one month after the day on which all transactions have been settled, whichever is the later. (Exception § 52 para. 3 GTC)

The approval (§ 53 GTC) is made after consultation with the Exchange Operating Company as soon as all obligations including taxes and fees from both Memberships are met.


When can accounts and deposits be closed?

As soon as all open obligations towards CCP.A are met, the closure can be applied to OeKB AG or rather OeKB CSD, with CCP.A granting the approval.

Forms and checklist regarding termination


Checklist for Participation Termination

Form regarding the termination of the Clearing Agreement pursuant to § 18 GTC

Form regarding the suspension / revocation of suspension / termination of the Clearing Service Agreement with an NCM pursuant to §19 GTC