CCPA evaluates the current economic and financial situation of each participating Clearing Member before and after joining the clearing system.

The credit quality of Clearing Members is assessed on the basis of the annual reports and information made available by them, and includes the calculation of classical financial ratios.

Based on these ratios, the Clearing Member is assigned to a clearing category 1 to 8. Category 1 comprises companies with the highest and category 8 the companies with the lowest credit rating.

Depending on the credit rating of the Direct Clearing Member, the clearing collateral is increased by a risk premium.

Financial Ratios

  • Capital-to-assets ratio in the narrower sense
  • Capital-to-assets ratio in the wider sense
  • Tier 1 ratio
  • Capital adequacy ratio
  • Liquidity coverage ratio (LCR)
  • Cost income ratio
  • Problem loans/equity
  • ROAA (return on average assets)
  • Reserves/NPL
  • Leverage ratio

Collateral Risk Premiums

Credit RatingPremiumMembers
1 - 510 %35
6 - 720 %2
830 %0