Services of CCP Austria

CCP Austria clears all those transactions that were concluded by trading with CCP-eligible securities at the Wiener Börse AG, the Vienna Stock Exchange facility. As a center party to a contract, we are located between buyer and seller, assuming the fulfillment and the cancellation risk for all trades.

CCP-eligible securities include 12,000 instruments, which are traded in all of the Wiener Börse AG market segments: equity market, bond market and structured products. By defining securities categories, a distinction is drawn between home and foreign stocks, share certificates, profit-sharing rights, subscription rights, bond issues, certificates and equity warrants.

System Infrastructure Scheme

Non-CCP-eligible securities

Agreed between CCPA, Wiener Börse AG and OeKB CSD GmbH

Only very few securities are excluded from clearing for technical or risk reasons (see the non-CCP-eligible securities published by Wiener Börse AG).

The following cases cannot be included in the CCPA-system:

  • securities not available for settlement by OeKB CSD
  • dual currency bond with different currencies for nominal and coupon payments
  • bonds with nominal currencies without ECB reference rate
  • floating rate notes with more interest rate adjustments than coupon payments
  • bonds with series of amortization by lottery (“Serientilgung mit Auslosung”, formerly used for Austrian government bonds)
  • bonds for which no accrued interest rate is delivered in the trade information
  • performance linked bonds without capital protection and Net Asset Value on reliable basis traded in trading model “single intraday auction”
  • securities for which back tests show that the margin model provides no reasonable results to evaluate open positions