Clearing Services on Electricity Spot Market

We would like to announce that CCP Austria will extend its business activities to providing Clearing Services for the Electricity Spot Market in Q4 2021.

Currently, CCP Austria provides its services for securities transactions on the Vienna Stock Exchange. While this remains unchanged, CCP Austria will extend its activities by Clearing and Risk Management Services for electricity spot transactions concluded on the Austrian power exchange EXAA. Therewith, CCP Austria responds to the growing trading activity on the Austrian power market by facilitating a professional post-trading service in line with all requirements according to EMIR.

Though this is an important development of CCP Austria’s business activities, we would like to emphasise that there will be no effect on our current Clearing and Risk Management Services for securities transactions. The proven clearing procedures as well as the safe and reliable risk management policies and the entire default management process will remain the same.

However, please let us know if you do have any questions on our upcoming activities. We would be happy to provide you with all relevant information.

You can contact us either via e-mail address office(a) or via phone +43 1 533 22 44 2044.